Brew your own beer at Dutch's BrewHouse

Brew your Own ....

Whether you're an experienced home brewer or complete beginner, brewing at Dutch's BrewHouse is a great learning experience and a lot of fun.  Making great beer in our facility is a two visit process that yields the most wonderful beer you've ever tasted!  There's no need to fret the details, our experienced brewing staff will guide you along every step of the way. We provide you the recipes, ingredients, and instruction to brew and bottle your own beer. We have over 20 recipes covering all of the major styles. You choose a recipe, brew your beer (while quality testing other beers), and then your beer ferments onsite in a temperature-controlled room for a few weeks (with timing dependent on the style chosen). The beer is then filtered, carbonated, kegged, and ready for your follow-up bottling appointment.

Getting Started ....

The first step is the easiest ... give us a call or checkout our Calendar on to schedule an appointment time.  We have a six kettle system which means you can brew anywhere from one to six batches at a time.  Each "batch" is 15 gallons which equal 6 cases of 22 oz bottles.  Up to four people may brew per batch.  Please let us know how many batches you will be making and have a credit card ready to secure your reservation.

Brew Day ....

When you arrive, the first step is possibly the hardest .... selecting one of our over 200 recipes.  We highly suggest that you pre-view our Recipe selection with Descriptions, you'll want to arrive about 20 minutes before your brew appointment time to select one. Once you have taken care of that, it is all fun and games from this point forward.  You gather your ingredients, grind your grains, weigh your hops and watch over your boiling kettle in anticipation of your first sip . The entire brewing process takes about two and a half hours.  At the end of that time, you hand off your creation to be looked after and cared for by our brew team.


After your beer has fermented you get to bottle and cap your beer. Each brew session produces approximately 6 cases of 22oz bottles.  Schedule your bottling session approximately 3 weeks after your brew session (please note that due to limited space, we cannot store beer onsite for extended periods of time). When you arrive we will bring your beer to your bottling station. . If you have brought your own clean bottles, a staff member will check them to be sure they are free from scale and debris. Bottle care instructions are provided with each case of new bottles so you will be able to re-use them many times if they are properly maintained!

You should allow about two and a half hours for the bottling process..

Fun Facts ....

How many people can I bring to brew beer? 

We find one to four brewers is perfect to provide a hands-on brewing experience!.

How much does it cost?

Costs will range from $255 - $300 depending on style and ABV for a full batch of beer. Bottles & 4 sheets of labels are included. 

How much does each batch make?​ 

Full batch will make 72, 22-oz. bottles.            6 cases  

How long will my beer stay fresh?

Beer is perishable! Craft brews do not fare well when they are stored warm. Properly stored (cold), your beer should last 3 months.  This is one more reason to brew with friends - split the batch so you’re always drinking fresher beer more often.

Fun Facts Continued ....

Can we bring in our own bottles?

The bottles we use are sanitized that day to ensure that your beer stays fresh and flavorful. We don't recommend using your own for the first time. If there is residue, mold, or yeast growth in the bottles, the bottles will not be sanitized and will contaminate your beer. 

What types of beers are available?

Almost every style imaginable We are always developing and perfecting recipes. Tell us what you want and we’ll help you make it.

How long does the process take?

The brew process takes about 2.5 hours; you’ll have a 3hour reservation for your kettle. Bottling is much quicker and will take an hour. 

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